We Believe

We believe that God’s power to save humankind is found in obedience to the Gospel of Christ. Therefore, the primary purpose and aim of the Woodlawn Park Church of Christ is to restore New Testament Christianity by practicing and sharing the plain teachings of Christ in regards to salvation and worship today —conveying to everyone who listens a Gospel truth that is biblical, applicable, encouraging, motivating, and saving. (Romans 1:16)

WPCOC's Culture

"In addition to God’s power to save , we believe in strong families, good friends, uncontrolled laughter, quiet weekends, long walks, dinner with friends, and the joy that Christ brings to our lives."

At Woodlawn Park, you are entering an environment of loving people who are genuine and trustworthy. From the preacher to the members, we are real people with real problems, seeking real solutions in Christ! We welcome you to explore God’s Word with us as we help solve the conditions of life through faith, understanding, and application of the Scriptures.

WPCOC's Motto

Teach | Encourage | Motivate

Our contemporary ministry style emphasizes scriptural teaching to encourage and motivate all who seek to establish and maintain their relationship with God.

WPCOC's Mission & Vision

To present the Gospel message to people of all ages and circumstances, so that all people, encouraged by the Gospel message, will be motivated to be transformed towards God. (Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 28:19-30)